AI Exosphere’s Satellite Writer Next Possible Unicorn Gets Accepted To Microsoft For Startups

AI Exosphere Joins Microsoft For Startups

AI Exosphere announced that Satellite Writer has been accepted by Microsoft for startups accelerator. The team is still working on hardening before launch.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2022 / — At the last RISE team day, the company was still ironing out kinks in their flagship product. Although the team surpassed many expectations, significant hardening is still needed, and the team is diligently at work.

Meanwhile, AWS credits are winding down. In the high-tech startup world, you are out of the game if you are out of server resources or can’t get to scale fast enough.

I knew we needed to secure additional resources. We need to have a solid runway before we launch.”

— Said Sal Peer, CEO of AI Exosphere.
The recent news that Microsoft for Startups accepted AI Exosphere’s Satellite Writer into the program came just in time to keep the HailyAI model powering the SaaS alive.

Although the company has local resources in their Orlando lab, they would not have enough resources to provide speedy connections to a massive audience.

The accelerator would help secure enough resources to power the model for an additional year and serve a small base of customers. At the same time, the company would rely on a third-party auto-scaling server solution to deliver at scale.

About Satellite Writer
Satellite Writer is a SaaS platform created by AI Exosphere. The cloud-based AI service allows anyone to create copy for any niche and use AI tools with simple voice or text commands. In addition, the platform includes a powerful editor and multi-language options and is powered by the leading-edge HailyAI model.

About AI Exosphere
AI Exosphere is a company of dedicated professionals with a vision to free the entrepreneur, resolve enterprise-level problems, and empower the everyday Joe through an artificial intelligence assistant named HailyAI. The company is part of the NVIDIA Inception and AWS Portfolio accelerators.

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