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Join AI Exosphere’s RISE Innovation Program and gain access to leading training, access to on the edge tools, and advice from industry experts. 

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RISE is an innovation platform for AI, data science, and other professionals who want to make innovation breakthroughs with a unicorn startup that already has an approved pitch to the NSF and has recently been accepted into the NVIDIA Inception program.

Unlock Your Innovation

Unlike traditional programs, the RISE Innovation Program supports people ready to innovate and be part of something bigger than themselves.

There are no application deadlines, cohorts, or term limits. Once a person joins the RISE Innovation Program, they can remain in the program as long as they work to elevate innovation with our company.

People looking to join a unicorn startup are encouraged to apply to the RISE Innovation Program regardless of their everyday work experience.

Become An Expert

Our company was approved into the NVIDIA Inception accelerator, giving the team and interns the ability to receive credits towards NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute, offering self-paced online courses.

Innovate With Our Team

Work alongside our team and contribute to your work experience. Our team is currently looking for fresh perspectives. So if you’ve been looking to innovate with AI development, design, or marketing, Rise is for you.

Build The Future

Our company is leading the charge in innovation. With an approved pitch, the NSF, you can rest assured you’re working on a startup with legs. By delivering on your duties, there is a good chance of gainful employment.

Make Meaningful Contributions

All RISE innovators enter as community members. By invitation, select interns may be elevated to Hero status (full-time employment) if they can demonstrate that they are diligent and innovative and can pass an internal review.

Rise Innovation Member

Join A Community

All RISE innovators start at the community level, receiving various benefits through our member portal, events, tools, and access to our expert team.

Rise Hero Innovation Program

Be A Hero

Hero members benefit from a dedicated relationship with our executives, supported innovation coaching, payroll, and letters of recommendation.

Get Noticed For Innovation

At Team Days for RISE Members, AI Exosphere announced plans to promote top RISE members for their efforts. The initiative will help Rise innovators stand out from the crowd and gain employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost. RISE Innovation is a free program for people who want to innovate with our unicorn startup. Access to community member benefits is immediate upon approval into the program.

Early-stage interns who prove their worth by helping the company with tasks needed will gain free credits from NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.

At the beginning of your internship, you will not be paid. However, as you prove your worth, technical acuity, and will to complete tasks at hand, you may be elevated to Hero status. Hero status allows you to create new “Haily Skills” and gain shared revenue from your innovation. You may also qualify for full-time position with our company.

Hero’s aren’t born everyday. Hero level membership is an invitation-only program at the discretion of the RISE team and our Business Development managers. Along with panel review, Hero membership requires a Community RISE member to complete several qualifying attributes, including a certain level of development, innovation, and consistency. Rest assured we are tracking your progress according to qualifying Hero traits.

The terms and conditions are as follows: 

  • I understand that RISE is a program for talent across different fields ready to innovate with artificial intelligence (AI), data science, design, CGI, AR, marketing, press, and/or machine learning.
  • I will be required to update my personal information every three months via a questionnaire provided to me by the RISE Manager. If I fail to provide updated information, my internship account may be removed from the program and lose access to its benefits.
  • RISE Innovation Program holds the right to remove an intern from the program at any time for any reason.

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