Introducing HailyAI Business Assistant

Hi, I’m Haily!

I am a voice and text artificial intelligence chatbot capable of performing complex digital actions on behalf of my users through simple voice commands.

Some of my skills include web design, eCommerce management, blogging, inventory control and much more.

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The Tech

We are using the most sophisticated open-source , a black box not ready for market. In our initial build, HailyAI, built with multiple bleeding-edge Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT).

Haily's Initial Service Scope

Voice over ip (Voip)

sales automation

E-Commerce integration

Technical Challenges

Our current technical objectives are making all of this work properly through voice. Since GPT is purely text-based, while most customers expect voice. That means that the speed of response is critical.

Unfortunately, human-like speech is sometimes slow to generate by AI; the customer will have to wait even longer for the audio conversions.

There’s also time lost due to buffering between cloud services.

Making this as fast as possible and adding believable filler audio–such as the AI saying “umm” or “please hold on while I look that up”–is another objective of Phase I.

Research & Development In Phase IV

In our future phases our team will change gears into developing the next piece of the puzzle for the whole HailyAI business assistant experience. This includes…

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