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What If You Can Launch A Business and Instantly Deploy An Automated Customer Service and Sales AI That Is Fully Scalable?

At AI Exosphere, We Are Close To Answering That Question.

Project Hail (Haily) is an AI voice assistant able to act in a sales and customer support role. Haily will directly interface with customer’s websites and eCommerce platforms to manage products, offer support and increase accessibility through voice commands.

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Sal Peer


Alex Athey


Phase I

In Phase I, Haily will assist both front-end users and backend users while keeping a seamless dialogue flow using a supervised AI NLP model.

Haily will be able to conduct sales through organic conversational flow. Which immediately provides non-technical users with increased inclusion and accessibility to the online marketplace.



Platinum Partner

Platinum Partner

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This product is being tested on EleutherAI’s GPT-J NLP instance which provides a massive pre-trained language model of 6 billion data points.