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What If You Can automate marketing, Customer Service and Sales with a Fully Scalable ai?

At AI Exosphere, We Are Close To Answering That Question.

Project Hail (HailyAI) is an AI voice assistant able to act in a sales, content creation and customer support role. HailyAI API will directly interface with customer’s websites and eCommerce platforms to manage products, offer support and increase accessibility through voice commands.

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Sal Peer


Alex Athey


☑️ Phase I

In Phase I, HailyAI will assist front-end users with content creation through text or speech commands. (Completed)

☑️ Phase II

In Phase II, HailyAI will gain new copywriting, programming and educational skills. (Completed)

☑️ Phase II

In Phase III, Develop FridaAI capabilities to allow text-to-image and voice-to-image. (Completed)

☑️ Phase Iv

In Phase IV, Develop Satellite Writer user playground with AI Skills from Haily & Firda AI. (Completed)

Phase v

In Phase V, Launch Satellite Writer. (In Progress)



Platinum Partner

Platinum Partner


On The Bleeding Edge!

From our AI models, we developed Satellite Writer, which enables users to use Haily & Frida AI instances without prior experience with simple voice and text commands.