AI Exosphere Puts HailyAI To Work As A Writing Assistant On Fiverr Through Our Partnership With Social Brim

AI Exosphere puts HailyAI to work as a writing assistant on Fiverr through our partnership with Social Brim.

We are proud to announce that we are putting HailyAI’s fine-tuned writing skills to the test by offering AI Writing Gigs on Fiverr through our sponsor Social Brim.

The goal of the Gig is to prove the capabilities of HailyAI as a qualified writer and get honest user feedback.

In 2021, our HailyAI team has completed hundreds of training iterations of the HailyAI writing skills and developed a portal for users to participate.

Our mission has continued proving its efforts for global inclusion with the upcoming release of the Satellite Blogger system. The Satellite Blogger website links to the AIExo API and HailyAI’s writing skills.

The skills have bias and content filters, have been fine-tuned, and come with many AI tools that guarantee to improve copy.

While others will copy, none will even come close to the complete Satellite Blogger system capabilities, especially with HailyAI’s growing capabilities.

Get on the BETA list now and get lifetime free access and three hundred monthly words for free.


You can also check out our HailyAI writing gigs at

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