AI Exosphere Confirms the Playground for Satellite Writer

The Playground

AI Exosphere confirms “The Playground” for Satellite Blogger

Unlike traditional AI writing assistants who provide recommendations for auto-complete text generation, Satellite Blogger powered by HailyAI creates entire generations with a vibrant, resonating and distinct voice.

Recently, over the holidays, Sal Peer, CEO of AI Exosphere, unveiled a new skill system called “The Playground” for Satellite Blogger that should make users very happy. The new system increases operability and functionality across many different AI generation skills. In addition, the Playground information and skill management system is designed to aid users who are not technically savvy with new and exciting AI prompts.

“The Playground will have both fine-tuned and BETA skills for all to use. We will also work carefully with our user base to identify new skills,” said Sal Peer, CEO of AI Exosphere.

Here are some of the new skills we learned about…

  1. Product Descriptions
  2. Website Copy
  3. Book Index
  4. Book Author
  5. Website Copy

And there is more but I am not at liberty to say just yet.

Registration for  BETA access in now open at

We believe the new skills will enable each user to do more with each generation.

The system is poised to launch sometime in late January.

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