AI Exosphere Confirms The Authorized Reseller Program For Satellite Writer Powered By HailyAI.

Satellite Blogger Authorized Reseller

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2021 — AI Exosphere confirms the Authorized Reseller Program for Satellite Blogger powered by HailyAI.

To stimulate the economy, increase inclusion and accessibility for AI automation, AI Exosphere creates the Authorized Reseller Program for creators, entrepreneurs, and agencies.

An authorized reseller gains access to the latest AI content writing innovations, allowing users to white label copywriting as a service or create a new income stream by simply referring traffic through a unique affiliate link.

The Satellite Blogger Authorized Reseller Program is free to join and offers a competitive 30% commission structure on user-supervised AI generations.

Key Benefits For Authorized Resellers are:
– Access To Satellite Blogger Operational Dashboard
– Unique Affiliate Link
– White Label Partner
– Authorized Reseller

What is Satellite Blogger?
Satellite Blogger is a satellite service powered by HailyAI that can instantly generate high-quality copy for headlines, blogs, websites, listings, and more.

The Satellite Blogger system built with GPT-J from ElthuerAI has already delivered human-verified blogs to front-end users with a high satisfaction rating.

Currently, GPT-J is the best-performing publicly available Transformer [language model] for zero-shot performance on various [down-stream] tasks.

The Satellite Blogger system works on contextual headline examples given by end-user. Then the system researches through a fine-tuned model with AI Exosphere’s unique algorithm.

HailyAI, a six billion parameter AI assistant trained on the pile (an 825GB dataset of diverse text for language modelings), allows Satellite Blogger to write comprehensive SEO articles, headlines, ads, product descriptions, etc.

“Satellite Blogger’s Authorized Reseller Program can stimulate the economy, increase accessibility & create new opportunities with the latest AI innovations for creators, entrepreneurs & agencies,” said Sal Peer, CEO of AI Exosphere.

Our goal is to broaden Haily scope and bridge the gap between technical and non-technically savvy business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators while supporting enterprise-level inbound call volume.

About AI Exosphere
Our mission at AI Exosphere is to increase accessibility for global inclusion to the online marketplace. Our voice assistant will help small to medium-sized businesses.

We found a big gap between small business owners and the online marketplace due to lacking technical skills.

For many businesses, the round-the-clock staff is unaffordable, leading to considerable gaps in their coverage.

Most customer support is routine to the point of being monotonous (IE resetting passwords, checking tracking numbers on a shipment, answering questions like what’s the store’s mailing address).

Haily can handle most routine customer requests, give any background information they need, and forward the call to a human operator when needed.

Haily will save companies high operational costs for their customer service and sales departments while each staff member becomes more capable with additional AI recommendations and analytics.

Not to mention, Haily will support infinite scalability through cloud infrastructure.

When a user activates Haily, they will have an agent ready to answer the phones 24/7 who will always be warm and friendly.

Our goal is to broaden Haily’s scope and bridge the gap between technical and non-technically savvy business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators while supporting enterprise-level clients.

Use HailyAI to write proven, highly targeted, search engine friendly, engaging copy for increased visibility and subject authority. Now granting BETA access.

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