AI Exosphere Announces Beta Launch Of The Satellite Writer System

AI Exosphere announces Satellite Writer Beta will launch today. The Satellite Writer system built with HailyAI has already delivered human-verified blogs to front-end users with a high accuracy and satisfaction rating.

HailyAI writing assistant to help creators, entrepreneurs, and agencies generate fiction and nonfiction original plagiarism and royalty-free content for any niche with a click of a button.

Users can generate premium content in seconds. In addition, our system provides related images, plagiarism checks, and a powerful editor to help ensure quality.

The results of the Satellite Writer system have surpassed all expectations. Everyone must witness the power of HailyAI writing skills to believe what’s possible. -Said Sal Peer, CEO of AI Exosphere

The Satellite Writer system worked on contextual descriptions given by the end-user. It was designed for creators, entrepreneurs, and agencies to produce high-ranking quickly, boost engagement by enabling users to produce high-quality content for their social media channels and SEO content and grow their online presence. In addition, the HailyAI API will allow users to Whitelabel AI-generated content and resell it to their customers for agencies.

Furthermore, the system allows users to write fiction or nonfiction with any short or long-form skills.

As the system delivers high-end fiction/nonfiction AI content that helps users gain a competitive edge, defeat writer’s block, and help users become niche authorities quickly and easily.

Some of the skills included in the Satellite Writer Playground are:

Short-form copy
Longform articles
Product descriptions
About pages
Sales pages
Email campaigns
Press releases
and much more.

Our goal is to broaden Haily’s scope and bridge the gap between technical and non-technically savvy business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators while supporting enterprise-level inbound call volume.

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