The AI Exosphere Team Announces Significant Improvement In User Experience And Speed With The New Release Of Satellite Writer 4.0

Satellite Writer 4.0 Update

Satellite Writer 4.0 is the most significant update to date. It includes major upgrades to speed and user experience.

Mid-January we’ll release the new version update.

Satellite Writer 4.0 is a complete rewrite of the code base and uses an entirely different architecture to deliver outputs, which allows us to add features faster than ever before.

The most significant change in Satellite Writer 4.0 is the ability to write posts with the same quality you would expect from professional writers.

In addition to the new delivery system, Satellite Writer 4.0 adds many new features, including:

-A brand-new interface for text outputs.
-Ability to create images and videos
-A brand-new interface for image outputs.
-Improved search functionality
-Improved generation skill card experience.
-New navigational options.
-Improved user experience.

Satellite Writer 4.0 is a free upgrade for all existing users.
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