Satellite Writer gains capabilities to switch between fine-tuned AI models for AI content writing skills

Satellite Writer, an AI writing assistant, powered by HailyAI, can now switch between fine-tuned models to generate different types of content, including blog posts, webpages, product descriptions, and more.

GPT-3 is the best-performing publicly available Transformer (language model) for zero-shot performance on various (downstream) tasks.

GPT-3 is a language model created by the OpenAI team, and its current version is GPT-3. However, GPT-3 has limitations when it comes to generating text. For example, it cannot be used to write about specific subjects and lacks personality due to the dataset.

“When we started HailyAI, we wanted to create a model that could handle any task. We could do so because of our ability to tune various models that specialize finely. This allows us to generate relevant and unique content,” said Sal Peer, founder of AI Exosphere.

To achieve this, AI Exosphere has been working on the first stage of the company’s mission, launching the Satellite Writer system, an AI writing assistant powered by HailyAI.

The company is backed by multiple startup accelerators, giving us valuable resources needed for a healthy launch.

At this point, we have never been closer.” Said Alex Athey, Co-founder of Satellite Writer

Satellite Writer is a SaaS powered by HailyAI, a fine-tuned model that instantly generates high-quality copy for headlines, blogs, website pages, product descriptions, and more.

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About Satellite Writer
Satellite Writer is a SaaS platform created by AI Exosphere. The cloud-based AI service allows anyone to create copy for any niche and use AI tools with simple voice or text commands. In addition, the platform includes a powerful editor and multi-language options and is powered by the leading-edge HailyAI model.

About AI Exosphere
AI Exosphere is a company of dedicated professionals with a vision to free the entrepreneur, resolve enterprise-level problems, and empower the everyday Joe through an artificial intelligence assistant named HailyAI. The company is part of the NVIDIA Inception, Microsoft For Startups, and AWS Portfolio accelerators.

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