Satellite Writer Gets Connected To HailyAI Intuitive Commands

Significant changes are coming to the Satellite Blogger bleeding-edge writing system prior to launch.

Early last week, Sal Peer, founder of AI Exosphere, announced that the system would be one of the first commercial products connected to HailyAI. But, unfortunately, he also mentioned “The Others” trying to steal our technologies.

“Our copycats have nothing on our technology and can never be a mountain,” Sal Peer, founder of AI Exosphere, said. 

And at the RISE Team Day Meeting, Sal also mentioned increased security, additional tracking measures, increased user accessibility, the deployment of HailyAI intuitive commands, the involvement of a legal team, and much more.

While corporate espionage is part of the process, Sal said he would no longer turn a blind eye and file for patents before launch.

Satellite Blogger started as an early launch of HailyAI’s article writing capabilities and has developed into a much more powerful tool. The User Playground, Explorer Mode, and Marketplace differentiate the system from others and helps foster an internal economic community. 

Meanwhile, the system’s essence is proving its grain in BETA testing, and while others will try to imitate, none will ever come close to the true genius of the Satellite Blogger system and its capabilities.

Learn more by getting on the BETA list at

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