RISE Innovation Interview With Dr. Hector Palacios airs on YouTube.

Featuring Dr. Hector Palacios

September 27, 2021, RISE Innovation Interview With Dr. Hector Palacios airs on YouTube. He currently researches NeuroSymbolic methods, combining Machine Learning and Reasoning with two goals.

One is about using business context/knowledge to enhance the performance of pure machine learning methods.

The second is about incomplete but sound AI reasoning methods that deal with incomplete knowledge/models, including the output of pre-trained ML models. For reasoning, Hector is interested in constraints, SAT, planning, and causal models.

His industrial work has focused mostly on NLP, although I have work with Vision, time-series and operations research. Back in academia, Hector produced award-winning work on AI reasoning, introduced new algorithms, and specialized in combining AI techniques. Sal and Hector discuss innovation, ethics and more. Tune in to get informed, download some knowledge, and get inspired to innovate.

The possibilities are endless.

Watch full episode by visiting: https://youtu.be/4ZJJ0VK1VGk

To learn more about Héctor Palacios – https://hectorpalacios.net/

To learn more about Sal Peer – https://www.salpeer.com

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