Introducing FridaAI

Frida is a AI Image Generator that runs on any device. It is capable of generating images in seconds without compromising quality or accuracy.

With Frida, you can create beautiful images quickly and easily. Frida can be used for personal projects, as well as for commercial purposes.

Currently available for use at Satellite Writer


With Frida, you can create beautiful images quickly and easily. Frida can be used for personal projects, as well as for commercial purposes.

Frida is a powerful AI image generator that can be used to create logos, headers, banners, and more. We are excited about how fast Frida is growing and the potential it has to transform the way people think about creating graphics.

Sal Peer, Founder of AI Exosphere Tweet

Source Domains

Nearly half of the images, about 47%, were sourced from only 100 domains, with the largest number of images coming from Pinterest. Over a million images, or 8.5% of the total dataset, are scraped from Pinterest’s CDN.

User-generated content platforms were a huge source for the image data. WordPress-hosted blogs on and represented 819k images together, or 6.8% of all images. Other photo, art, and blogging sites included 232k images from Smugmug, 146k from Blogspot, 121k images were from Flickr, 67k images from DeviantArt, 74k from Wikimedia, 48k from 500px, and 28k from Tumblr.

Shopping sites were well-represented. The second-biggest domain was Fine Art America, which sells art prints and posters, with 698k images (5.8%) in the dataset. 244k images came from Shopify, 189k each from Wix and Squarespace, 90k from Redbubble, and just over 47k from Etsy.

Unsurprisingly, a large number came from stock image sites. 123RF was the biggest with 497k, 171k images came from Adobe Stock’s CDN at, 117k from PhotoShelter, 35k images from Dreamstime, 23k from iStockPhoto, 22k from Depositphotos, 22k from Unsplash, 15k from Getty Images, 10k from VectorStock, and 10k from Shutterstock, among many others.

It’s worth noting, however, that domains alone may not represent the actual sources of these images. For instance, there are only 6,292 images sourced from’s domain, but another 2,740 images with “artstation” in the caption text hosted by sites like Pinterest.


We wanted to understand how artists were represented in the dataset, so used the list of over 1,800 artists in MisterRuffian’s Latent Artist & Modifier Encyclopedia to search the dataset and count the number of images that reference each artist’s name. You can browse and search those artist counts here, or try searching for any artist in the images table. 

Of the top 25 artists in the dataset, only three are still living: Phil Koch, Erin Hanson, and Steve Henderson. The most frequent artist in the dataset? The Painter of Light™ himself, Thomas Kinkade, with 9,268 images.

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