Internal BETA Underway For Satellite Writer. Plus, Voice Commands, NFT’s, And Artistic Skills

RISE team day

As of January 1st, 2022, AI Exosphere started BETA testing the Satellite Blogger system with pretty exciting results. The team’s focus has been on quality output, user experience, and security until now, but the focus has shifted slightly as the team races towards launch.

Here is what you can expect before the launch of Open BETA…

  • New writing skills  
  • Influencer Program
  • GUI upgrades  
  • HailyAI API Access
  • Voice Commands
  • Agency Services
  • Enhanced Security
  • Additional Bias Filter Training
  • Additional Language Options
  • AI controls such as temperature, grade level, etc.

And much more we’re not at liberty to discuss.

“The mission has not changed. Our company focus is increasing inclusion, accessibility, and scalability to the online marketplace. The Satellite Blogger playground is just the beginning,” said Sal Peer, founder of AI Exosphere.

At the last RISE Team Day, Sal also revealed plans that included new unlockable artistic skillsets combined with minting NFT’s. Unfortunately, there was also mention of Explorer Mode without much information.

Make sure you signup to the Open BETA list to get up to 80,000 words free. 

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