HailyAI Skill Highlight: the Book Index


HailyAI Skill Highlight: the Book Index

This is part of a miniseries where we’ll showcase some exciting new HailyAI skills that will soon be yours to play with. To start with, might you be an author working on your next fantasy novel opus? Well this skill can do your brainstorming for you with some evocative titles. It of course works just as well for non-fiction too. Basically you give it the book title you want and HailyAI comes up with sample tables of contents for you to choose between.

Your humble (maybe) CTO, Alex, is a big Malazan Book of the Fallen series fan, with all credit to Steven Erikson for writing it and finishing it with style. The first truly great book in the series is called Deadhouse Gates. Check out what HailyAI’s Book Index skill came up with for that title:

Book Title: Deadhouse Gates

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Ring of Fire

Chapter 3: A Strange Encounter

Chapter 4: The Lost City

Chapter 5: The Prowler

Chapter 6: The Enemy Within

Chapter 7: The Red Death

Chapter 8: The Man in Black

Chapter 9: The Savage Land

Chapter 10: The Great Divide

Chapter 11: The Plague of Madness

Chapter 12: The Reckoning

Chapter 13: The Temple of the Gods

Chapter 14: The Final Battle

Chapter 15: Epilogue

Pretty good, eh? I particularly liked that it properly wound down the book with the epic-sounding penultimate chapter of “The Temple of the Gods” followed by “The Final Battle” and naturally an “Epilogue”. It’s no Erikson but can help shake forth some good ideas for you.

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