AI Exosphere’s Team Announces a Collaboration with Social Brim to Build Website Rabbit IO

AI Exosphere discusses user acquisition, automation, and a new partnership to build Website Rabbit IO. Team committed to taking Satellite Writer SaaS to market.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2022 /– Last RISE Team Day, the AI Exosphere team discussed user acquisition, automation, and much more. They also further committed to taking the newly developed Satellite Writer SaaS to market by any means necessary.

The team celebrated its 70+ skills and the recently launched Satellite Publishing. It uses Satellite Writer to write social media posts, articles, and press releases and publish them automatically across multiple channels and news outlets for users.

The initiative was a market test for ongoing automated social media posts and press distribution for business owners.

While the Satellite Writer team works on finishing touches, bug resolution, and launching new front ends, the focus at AI Exosphere has shifted from content generation to automation tasks, VR/AR HailyAI assistant, and the flagship HailyAI API.

“I don’t think our work and training of unique models will ever be over. We have to strive to deliver new valuable AI operations and make them easy to use,” said Alex Athey, Co-Founder

To start testing automation tasks, the team has begun developing in collaboration with Social Brim to build out Website Rabbit IO, an automated speech-to-website SaaS.

The current Website Rabbit CMS has 197 active users and has successfully gained traction with a free website design offer. However, the CMS does not offer any automated services. This makes it an excellent opportunity to test the HailyAI API and provide new AI operations to an existing user base.

The future of AI is bright, and navigating it safely while encouraging users to gain the benefits of leading-edge technologies is of utmost importance. However, the mission remains to increase inclusion, accessibility, and scalability for small business owners, entrepreneurs, creators, and agencies.

About Satellite Writer
Satellite Writer is a SaaS platform created by AI Exosphere. The cloud-based AI service allows anyone to create copy for any niche and use AI tools with simple voice or text commands. In addition, the platform includes a powerful editor and multi-language options powered by the leading-edge HailyAI model.

About AI Exosphere
AI Exosphere is a company of dedicated professionals with a vision to free the entrepreneur, resolve enterprise-level problems, and empower the everyday Joe through an artificial intelligence assistant named HailyAI. The company is part of the NVIDIA Inception and AWS Portfolio accelerators.

About Social Brim
Social Brim is a digital agency with a mission to bring heart to AI, cloud development, and advertising. We want to ensure small and medium-sized businesses have an equal opportunity with future tech by increasing accessibility.

About Satellite Publishing
Satellite Publishing, a leading provider of cloud-based content creation services, announced a new free service for business owners that involved artificial intelligent copywriters and complete distribution.

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